Our company, is a family owned and operated brokerage, that assists clients with their mortgages and real estate transations.  We built the company, by doing an exellent job and obtaining referrals and word of mouth.  We have operated in the Sacramento area since 1994, and have succeeded through every cycle so far.  Although, the large automated mortgage companies provide mortgages, they lack personal interaction, and can only provide the loan programs thattheir company offers.  Our nitche is the personal touch. Our customers, intrust us with their most personal information, which we gather through secure portals that provide encryption. After gathering the financial information and determine the customers goals, we recommend the best mortgage and home purchase options available.  As a brokerage, we work with several lenders who specialize in various niche mortgage home loans.  The  programs range from A plus credit and significant down payment funds to low credit and little down payment.  We also have investor programs that use the rental income to qualify for the loan and self employed buyers that find it hard to prove income.  The broker is a veteran who served in the Air Force and knows the ins and outs of VA loans.