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At Halo Real Estate and Loans, we blend veteran integrity with personalized guidance to make your homeownership dreams a soaring reality.

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Halo Real Estate and Loans

Halo Real Estate and Loans

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Welcome to Halo Real Estate and Loans, proudly serving Sacramento since 1994. As a veteran-owned enterprise, we embody a commitment to precision and dedication, traits ingrained through years of service in the Air Force. Our foundation rests on a passion for delivering exceptional, personalized service, making your dream of homeownership a soaring reality.

At Halo, we prioritize the human touch in an industry often dominated by automation. We understand that every client is unique and deserves tailor-made solutions. Our brokerage is a gateway to specialized mortgage programs, spanning from excellent credit and substantial down payments to assisting those with less-than-perfect credit and limited down payment resources. We stand ready to guide you, turning your unique circumstances into opportunities for homeownership.

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We are committed to helping you find the best mortgage for your needs. Our years of experience in this industry give us a competitive edge that no other broker has access to!


We are committed to helping you find the best mortgage for your needs.

Commercial and residential mortgages

We work with several reputable mortgage companies to provide you with the best mortgage solution.

Get the right 

We ensure our clients have the details they need to get a mortgage that fits their requirements.

Always available 
to help

We'll always be ready for whatever comes up so that you can feel at ease with us on your side.
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Mortgage Loans That Fit Your Life

We offer home loans including fixed and adjustable rate options, FHA, VA, USDA mortgages and more.

Here are our best services for mortgage

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Meet our loan officers and let us know your goals. We’ll request the necessary paperwork to jump start your application process.
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Learn About Your Options

We evaluate your qualifications and make sure you’re getting the best deals whether you’re refinancing or buying a new home.

Get Approved and Close

We’ll begin the loan or refinance process and move towards closing in 14 days or less.
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Halo Real Estate and Loans

We bring a customized, unique approach to mortgages. Our lending solutions use the perfect hybrid of human-driven insights and technical prowess to process loans faster and significantly reduce costs.


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